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August 2014
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Matt and Dave wrap up their look at family games

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Aaron and Dave discuss the new Dual Decks Anthology that's gone on sale, and if it's a good value. Tolarian Community College thinks so, for the right player. 

Wizards has given special holiday cards to employees and some partners since 2006. They're pretty cute.

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Category:Games & Hobbies -- posted at: 2:34pm EDT

Matt and Dave share contemporary equivelants of several classic games, and recommend other family games you're sure to enjoy.

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Aaron and Dave respond to an article comparing Hearthstone to Magic Online, share a great strategy for drafting Khans of Tarkir and briefly touch on Modern Masters 2015.

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Category:Games & Hobbies -- posted at: 2:38pm EDT

Dave and Matt discuss how Magic is like Chess, and a great game for kids to play. 

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What's fun about science fiction? Aside from the aliens and laser guns. The fictional borad games! This week, Dave is joined by Scott McNulty from the Randon Trek podcast to discuss the made-up games played across the various iterations of Star Trek.

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Category:Games & Hobbies -- posted at: 9:43am EDT

Stuck with family over the holiday? Play some games! This week, Matt and Dave list several games you should buy or play this season. They also answer a question from Twitter.

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Category:Games & Hobbies -- posted at: 12:55pm EDT

Magic has a reputation as being an expensive game, and it certainly can be. However, you needn't depart with your entire bankroll to play. In this episode, Aaron and Dave explore how to play Magic without spending a lot of money and still have fun. 

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Category:Games & Hobbies -- posted at: 2:37pm EDT

Matt and Dave discuss classic and modern family games to buy and play this holiday season

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Category:Games & Hobbies -- posted at: 1:41pm EDT

This week, Aaron and Dave share everything you've ever wanted to know about Plainswalkers. From your role as a Plainswalker player, to "the spark," the origin of Plainswalker cards and how their use has evolved. If you've ever had a question about Plainswalkers in Magic: The Gathering, Aaron and Dave answer it in this episode.

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